My fellow degenerates,

Hi, my name is Birch. I'm a 25+ year old agender individual who really likes problematic shit. I like it because it's fun to mess around with stuff in fiction, to be quite honest. These mostly play out in the original characters I have, though only one seems to be 'sociably unacceptable' while the others people accept it's weird but it's fiction. Which is fucking stupid if you ask me

Anyway, I spend my free time usually listening to music, working on my two neocities websites, masturbating, thinking of fucking various celebs, drawing, talking to my best friend (equal or possibly more degenrate than me) or generating ai porn on It's not much but I ain't complaining.

I shouldn't have to say it but I will for the sake of saying it: I don't condone any of this shit in real life. It's all fine in fiction because I have the ability to seperate fiction and reality.
The problematic shit that I enjoy as is follows:
    Necrophilia, Incest, Rape, Lolicon, Shotacon, Cannibalism, Gore, Goreporn

The only fandom I'm in one could deem problematic (other than openly being a loli/shotacon) is I am a huge fan of Boyfriend to Death 1/2 and The Price of Flesh. It's important to me as it allowed me to meet the most important person in my life; my best friend.

There may be porn gifs / pixels below this line.

All gifs are credited whenever possible